About Us

Creating bonding experiences with our environment through our textile products.

We are a family business proudly created in 2011 in Mineral de la Reforma, Hidalgo, Mexico. Our + 30 years’ experience in the textile industry has allowed us to reinvent traditional manufacturing processes and design with a new regenerative and ecological vision

Each and every one of our articles are made through organic cotton fibers and innovative technology, this help us prevent polluting gas emissions into the atmosphere, reduce chemicals consumption and discharges to water, as well as avoid the health risk that fertilizers and pesticides in genetically modified plantations may produce.

Inspired by nature and our Mexican heritage, we create themes that give each product a unique and exclusive color palette and mysticism; to finally be hand finished by householder women in low-income communities, whom we support to improve their living conditions by strong and responsible partnership.

Our collaborative organizational model promotes equity, respect and creativity of all members of the company.

By our unique manufacturing process, Sideralis® textiles have special inherent properties resulting in diathermic, hypoallergenic and durable products with a unique quality and softness as an important added value to our clients.

In addition, we offer a specific washing and finishing service to increase your products life for many more years, as well as the collection at the end of their life cycle for reuse and reduction of waste on Earth.